2010-2011 Projects

New Teacher Baskets

Think back to when you first started teaching...I know, it may require a long trip down memory lane...what supplies/materials did you need or find most useful?  Please bring these items to our September 25th meeting.


UPDATE:  We had enough supplies donated to fill four huge baskets!  As both Jackie and Denise said, we have the most generous members.  One basket will go to a Delisle Elementary teacher, one will go to a Pass Elementary teacher, one will go to a Pass High teacher and one will go to a Bay St. Louis teacher. 

Numeracy and Literacy Project

We will be collecting children's books and canned goods for the Hancock County Food Pantry at our October meeting.  Diana shared with us the tremendous impact the books we collected last year had on the children who were waiting at the Pantry while their parents collected food for the family.  As Christopher Morley said, "When you sell (give) a man a book you don't sell (give) him just 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue-you sell (give) him a whole new life."  Let's see how many new lives we can give.


UPDATE:  We collected enough supplies to provide baskets for 3 early career educators!  Thanks for your generosity!

Silent Auction

Get your creative juices flowing.  Our March Silent Auction will be here before we know it.  We have had great success in the past with this auction which raises money for our Kathy Pair Grant-in-Aid, World Fellowship, and the Zeta State Emergency Fund.  For more information or ideas contact the Professional Affairs Committee or the World Fellowship Committee. 


UPDATE:  We raised over $400 at this year's silent auction!