Members Spotlight

2021 New Member

We welcome Tina Wolfe to Alpha Upsilon Chapter. Tina is a resident of Diamondhead. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Tina currently teaches fourth grade at South Hancock Elementary School where she has received recognition as Teacher of the Month. Tina is also active in the community where she serves as a board member for Relay for Life. 

Victoria Chargrois, Tina Wolfe, Lady Bruce, 

and Nadine Nicolls


2021-2022 Projects

Supporting Early-Career Educators (SEE)


Each year we support early-career educators by supplying them with a basket of "goodies" for their room.  Each recipient has the opportunity to supply a list of "goodies" specific for her room.

This project lasts all year long as we mentor those women educators who are just beginning their teaching careers. One way we do this is through our ECE (Early Career Educator) Baskets. 

This year's recipients are: Allison Brookfield, who teaches history at Gulfport Middle School, and Samantha Guyton, who teaches 2nd grade at Pass Road Elementary in Gulfport.

Samantha Guyton receives her SEE basket from Trish Stoll.

Allison Brookfield recieves her SEE basket from Trish Stoll.


Annual Silent Auction

The Professional Affairs Committee and World Fellowships Committee organize an annual Silent Auction to raise money for our chapter Kathy Pair Grant-in-Aid, the MSO Emergency Fund, the International World Fellowship Fund, Schools for Africa, and our general fund.


We collected donations at our October meeting to help our DKG Sisters in Louisiana who have been encountered loss due to hurricanes, flooding, and tornados. The donations will be sent to Louisiana's State Emergency Fund. We know first-hand how devastating it can be to lose everything and want to help our sisters in need.


Community Project: Backpack Buddies Program

This year we are supporting First Baptist Church of Bay St. Louis Backpack Buddies Program. This program provides food for school-age children who face food insecurity over the weekends. Backpack Buddies makes sure the food gets directly into the hands of the children who need it. Suggested donations are: snack sized Chef Boyardee spaghetti or ravioli; individual Easy Mack & Cheese bowls; pretzels; peanut butter crackers; individual size Goldfish; fruit cups; snack-sized raisins; vegetable cups; juice boxes; cereal or granola bars; individual cereal boxes, oatmeal packets; and pudding or jello cups. 

Belinda Pearce delivered our donations to First Baptist Church of Bay St. Louis' Backpack Buddy Program. Elisabeth Munford accepted our donations.