Member Spotlight

2022 New Member

We welcome our newest member, Allison Lee, who teaches Chemistry and Physics at Poplarville High School. She has a master’s degree. Allison is currently serving as Student Council Advisor, National Honor Society Advisor, and Department chair. She has been named Star Teacher twice and has been recognized as Poplarville High School and District Teacher of the Year.

2022-2023 Chapter Projects

Supporting Early-Career Educators


Each year we support early-career educators by supplying them with a basket of "goodies" for their room.  Each recipient has the opportunity to supply a list of "goodies" specific for her room.

This project lasts all year long as we mentor those women educators who are just beginning their teaching careers. One way we do this is through our ECE (Early Career Educator) Baskets. 

This year's recipients are: Savannah Carmadelle and Carley Duet.

Savannah Carmadelle

My name is Savannah Carmadelle! My maiden name is Miller. I am 22 years old- I’ll be 23 on the 23rd of this month (my lucky birthday I guess 🙂haha). I am originally from Slidell, LA but my family and I moved to Crossroads in Poplarville, MS just in time for me to go to school completely in the Poplarville School District. I graduated from high school in 2016 (fun fact- I was 16! I graduated a year early). In 2018, at 18, I graduated from Pearl River Community College with my Associates. In 2020, I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with my Bachelors in Elementary Education and interviewed at Poplarville Lower Elementary where I had been student teaching. At 21, I was so ecstatic to have been offered a Kindergarten position at PLE and adored teaching my first group of kids!!♥️ Even with the stress of planning a wedding the same year, I had an amazing first year!! My husband and I dated for 7 years before getting married this past December on the 17th. When I first heard that I was being “volun-‘told” to move to second grade, I was so upset! Even after student teaching in second, I had grown to love kindergarten! After the process of moving my classroom though, I came to realize that I simply love to teach. And to love. I’m so thankful that I was able to teach those kiddos in Kindergarten last year and I’m sure that I will find myself feeling the same way about my students in second. Thank you all so much for singling me out and for showering me with your support. I feel truly so blessed, thank you!♥️

Carley Duet

My name is Carley Duet. I am from a small bayou town in south Louisiana called Cut Off. Although I am currently teaching art, I have a background in music. I earned my bachelors degree from Southeastern Louisiana University in music education and my masters degree in vocal performance from the University of Mobile. I am an opera singer and have performed with various companies including Opera Mississippi and Mobile Opera. As a visual artist, I am regularly hired to paint commissioned artworks and enjoy making art as a peaceful pastime. I also paint sets for plays and musicals. From a young age, I found confront and thrived in the arts, and I am so excited to share that same passion with my Gulfport students today. Your generous donations will go towards materials for my students to experience many different art-making techniques and practices. This will allow me to teach lessons with more extensive art projects, and will allow the students to gain great new experiences. It is a priority of mine for students to learn about the historical and technical aspects of art as well as learning many art-making techniques. I want my students to leave my classroom feeling safe, uplifted, and creative. It is extremely rewarding to see students exit my classroom in better spirits than when they entered. 

Annual Silent Auction

The Professional Affairs Committee and World Fellowships Committee organize an annual Silent Auction to raise money for our chapter Kathy Pair Grant-in-Aid, the MSO Emergency Fund, the International World Fellowship Fund, Schools for Africa, and our general fund. This event happens during our October meeting.